Great managers

Tell Us Why You Love Your Boss or Company

The statistics on poor employee engagement and managers who make workers so miserable they’d forgo a pay raise for a better replacement are depressing.

Great bosses celebrate
Great managers recognize and celebrate successes, no matter how small.

We’d be even more depressed if we didn’t believe people and organizations, with the right tools, training and leadership, can change.

We also know many companies recognize employees are assets to be nurtured, not simply “managed,” and scores of supervisors are beloved for all the right reasons.

So we invite you to share with us at Callibrain examples of how organizations build employee engagement, encourage collaboration and recognize individual contributions.

Tell us how a favorite boss made you want learn more and work harder.

How does your company or direct supervisor make you feel valued? What action or program, no matter how “small” creates a positive workplace culture?

In coming months we plan to highlight companies recognized for great employee engagement in the Callibrain blog, and we’d love to hear directly from the people who make companies work about what works for them.

Please include the name of the company and a way to contact you if we have questions. Help us help others learn by stories of success.

Send your stories to leadership (at) callibrain (dot) com or use the Callibrain contact form.

We know such stories are out there. And thanks.

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