One tool that informs, organizes and engages

Email, instant messaging, hangouts, face-to-face meetings and virtual ones don’t add up to clear internal communication. What is important, why it is important and when it is important gets lost in the clutter.

Callibrain cuts through the noise.

Callibrain combines employee engagement, performance metrics, content sharing, and top-level project management all in one place. Building a culture of collaboration, transparency and trust keeps employees in the loop. More importantly, it creates a sense of ownership and belonging. And that’s a key pillar of employee engagement. High employee engagement distinguishes successful companies and makes them more competitive. Turnover drops, job satisfaction rises.

In the 21st century workplace, employee engagement can’t be an afterthought. Inefficient, ineffective communication costs companies real money. Gallup estimates the cost of “unengaged workers” at $43 billion a year. On the positive side, engaged workers outperform their peers by up to 202 percent.

Callibrain makes engagement with clear purpose possible. It shares big-picture vision, goals and progress and incorporates collaboration, coaching and recognition. Disciplined use will reduce emails and time spent in meetings. Who can’t get behind that?

With Callibrain management and employees can

  • Align around a common sense of purpose and clear
  • Enlighten with company news and industry updates
  • Measure using metrics that make sense
  • Drive a culture of celebration and fast results
  • Share content among self-identified groups
  • Engage through clarity and openness

More efficient communication. Better engagement. Increased productivity.

One tool.