How is Callibrain different than project management platforms like Basecamp or Trello or Asana?

Callibrain is more than project management, which is typically task-driven down to tiny details. Callibrain is about the bigger picture. It allows an organization to share information about WHAT is important, WHY it is important and WHEN it is important. The platform provides clarity about overall mission and finer details for those who need them. As a social collaboration tool, Callibrain also creates real-time opportunities for working efficiently, recognizing great work and coaching toward measurable outcomes.

How does another way to communicate save time and increase efficiency?

Disciplined use of Callibrain will eliminate need for many emails and decrease time spent in meetings. Managers can give direction and input quickly; employees can get answers quickly. Less time sorting through email and sitting in meeting frees up time and energy for what needs to be done so your business can grow.

Can “employee engagement” make that much of a difference in our bottom line?

Very much so. Engaged employees stay, reducing turnover costs. Disengaged employees leave, or at times even worse, stay and poison the workplace environment. Gallup estimates the cost of “unengaged workers” at $43 billion a year for U.S. businesses alone. The latest Gallup “State of the American Workplace Report” found 7 of 10 employees don’t like their jobs. On the plus side, Accenture estimates that a 10 percent increase in engagement-related practices increase profits by $2,400 per employee. The Corporate Leadership Board reports engaged organizations grew profits as much as three times faster than competitors. Highly engaged organizations, the board says, can reduce staff turnover by 87 percent and improve performance by 20 percent.

How do we keep Callibrain from becoming a bulletin board filled with irrelevant content?

Callibrain is a business tool created to improve communication, engagement and performance. Top executives, department heads and team leaders can show by example in what they share and the tone they use. Displaying their images and business metrics also makes it clear that Callibrain is not Facebook, though it encourages sharing, collaboration and recognition.

One platform with so many functions sounds complicated and our employees are pressed for time already. What is the learning curve?

We’ve worked hard to keep Callibrain easy to use, and anyone who is on social media will pick it up quickly. In addition to a library of video tutorials, we provide web-based training and onsite training. As a customizable tool, Callibrain can be as simple or complex as your company needs. Start with some features and add more as employees get comfortable – it’s entirely up to you. And if you have a very complex business our experts can help you simplify the message.

Will Callibrain run on our servers? How much space does it need?

Callibrain does not have to run on your servers. Our cloud offering provides many benefits, including scalability, uptime and cost savings. For those who want to self-host, we can support your IT staff (at an additional fee) to deploy the platform on an internal infrastructure. Either way, the technology footprint is small and won’t slow down your other business systems. The data is not stored on any local device.

Do you provide direct support?

Yes, as much or as little as you need. Separate from training, we can provide (at additional cost)  implementation, moderation and consulting services to ensure Callibrain is tailored for your organization’s needs and the platform works effortlessly for your business goals. Separately, we can introduce you to advisers independent from our company who can provide industry, strategy or management  expertise.

Does it matter what device or operating system is used to access Callibrain?

Not at all. Callibrain works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, regardless of the operating system they use. The flexibility means any employee can use it anywhere, and the company does not need to buy new hardware of any kind. Callibrain is built on  HTML5 and JavaScript libraries, and the only requirement is a modern browser.

How much does it cost?

We want Callibrain to be low cost and low risk. Accounts for up to five users are free. After that, Callibrain costs $5 (USD) per user each month. Volume and term discounts are available, as is licensing for enterprise organizations.

Are the photographs of people intended for top managers, or for everyone? What if not all employees, especially in a large organization, want their faces displayed?

Users can decide which people they want to follow. Organization also can “feature” key people if they so desire. But we do believe showing images invites engagement in a way that email does not.

Maybe we don’t want our entire staff to see a metric like SALES GOALS or STAFF TURNOVER. Can we limit access to metrics?

Of course. Because Callibrain is permission-driven, the organization decides who sees what. A public metric such as stock price could be visible to all users but a measure of sales goals or conversion rates could be limited to sales and marketing departments, for example.

Content shared on Callibrain would include proprietary company information. What is in place to keep it secure?

Callibrain is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, which runs in geographically dispersed data centers that meet or exceed key industry standards. Azure incorporates additional security practices at the application and platform layers. VeriSign, the leading SSL vendor, provides our Secure Sockets Layer certificate. Login credentials are stored in a one-way, salted hash, making the system virtually impossible to compromise.

Who are your customers?

Callibrain works for organizations of all sizes and we have customers across the board, both in size and in sector. For privacy as well as security reasons we do not publicly share information about our customers. However, we can arrange for you to speak with people in organizations that use Callibrain and learn how it’s helped make a difference.