Professional Services

We provide tiered professional services to support the varied needs of our customers. We are committed to your success with Callibrain, and our experienced professional services team helps maximize your investment in leadership management software. Through training, implementation, moderation and consulting services, our expert and passionate professionals are ready to get you started and keep you moving toward leadership excellence. Take advantage of our professional services options, and we’ll do the rest.

CertifiedTrainerWe’ve worked hard to keep Callibrain simple, but any tool can seem overwhelming at first. Our certified trainers will walk you through the concepts and ensure you understand the flow and logic behind the software before taking you deeper into the variety of features available. Trained users are prepared to realize quick and measurable success with Callibrain. Training can be provided on-site or using web conferencing.

CertifiedSpecialistsGetting started correctly can mean the difference between rapid success and frustration. We recommend engaging our certified product specialists to help you implement Callibrain effectively to meet your specific goals and your organization’s objectives. Our specialists are experts at taking the complex and making it simple, and they are ready to guide you through best practices for making Callibrain work effortlessly for you.

CertifiedModeratorsTrue collaboration often requires a significant cultural shift within an organization. This can be tough, and our professional moderators understand the importance of listening carefully to your challenges and offering thoughtful and tailored advice to effect change. Leadership teams are individual personalities, each committed to his or her own vision for organizational growth. When there is discord, momentum can be lost. Trust in our professional moderators to provide careful and considered guidance to remove the obstacles and get the ball rolling.

CertifiedConsultantOur certified consultants are experts at recommending and applying proven practices for using Callibrain. These knowledgeable professionals bring specific experience with organizational dynamics, frameworks for decision-making, and methods for strategizing and prioritizing, and they are adept at helping you create and fine-tune metrics to tell complete and compelling stories in a simple way. Our consultants will mentor you as you implement Callibrain and create an agile, decisive, transparent, and collaborative culture.

EndorsedAdvisorsIf you need strategy and management advice or need domain/industry expertise, we will gladly introduce you to our endorsed advisors. These independent advisors are leaders in their industries and are not affiliated with our firm.